From the Mile-High City to KDFW

Today I participated in the Huge Denver Flyout! event hosted by @Plnelovr. I decided to fly AA 1694 to Dallas Fort Worth on the 737-800. It was a great event with a good turn out.

Spawned into Gate A48 in an American Airlines 737-800 registered N803NN down to DFW.

Holding Short Runway 17R. Behind me is @anon38496261 in a United 737-900 going to PANC.

Rotate! A smooth southbound takeoff from KDEN.

Off the right hand side is Downtown Denver.

Beginning out decent into Dallas after cruising at FL350.

On the ILS approach Runway 17R into DFW.

Dallas Fort Worth Unicom American 1694 is on final Runway 17R!

A buttery landing on Runway 17R in Dallas.

Arrived at Gate C27 with a flight time of 1:14.

This was my first Screenshot and Video topic let me know what I can do better for the future. Once again special thanks to @Plnelovr for hosting this event. It was a great flight between two airlines major hubs.


Awesome pictures!

Thanks for the tag as well.

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I didn’t make it.

I had to leave the house and was in sort of a rush. Everything was fine but I forgot to set the SPD autopilot, so I eventually crashed. I buttered it though. In a random field somewhere.

The event was great though!

I love the route you did, great to see some Dallas love

Hey, 17R is a departure runway :|

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Great pictures 🤩

Nice pictures!

Fun fact, Denver is about a mile high in elevation, which is part of why it takes longer to cook an egg in Denver.

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Sorry I should have done this earlier but which pic is your favorite.

Those are some dope shots!

My overall goal is to bring the best quality photos to you guys. So please leave any comments or suggestions on what I can do better capturing photos. I really enjoy taking them and sharing them with you all.

Use freecam. Also edit. Lightroom is recommended.

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Looks good nice job

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