From the Middle of the Southern Atlantic to Beautiful Cape Town

Last week I flew from the remote island of Saint Helena located in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean to Cape Town. I flew on a Comair 737-800 with a flying time of just under 4 hours. There isn’t much to look outside till you reach the coast of South Africa as the majority of the flight is over water. Hope you enjoy a breathtaking sunset and the beautiful sites of Cape Town.

Back Taxing here in Saint Helena for Runway 19.

The small remote island slowly fades in the horizon.

As we get close to the coast of South Africa the sun is starting to set.

The Sun is nearly dropping below the horizon as we make land fall.

A stunning view of Table Top Mountain as we come into land.

Safely landed in Cape Town onto runway 19.

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Which photo do you like best? Also let me know what you thought of these photos hope you enjoyed.


Jeb Brooks has entered the chat

Nice shots! I love Cape Town ;)


That’s what made me want to do this flight!!!

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