From the Middle East to the South East!

Hi everyone! Today I decided to fly my country’s national carrier, Oman Air.
The route I flew today (OOMS-WMKK-WSSS) on an Oman Air 788 is still being operated today in real life by an airbus a330 (we don’t have Oman air 330s in IF but it’s fine). The last leg has been suspended by the airline from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore . Ooh, my best friend (@Kai_Jessat) also joined me on the last leg as an Air Asia X a333.
Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Call sign: Oman Air 313 Heavy & Air Asia X 75 Heavy
Routing: OOMS-WMKK-WSSS (Muscat-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore)
Aircraft: Oman Air 788 & Air Asia X a333
Server: Expert

Push and start at Muscat (OOMS)

Climbing out of runway 08L Muscat, Oman (I can see my house!!)

Cool moonshot over the Indian Ocean cause why not ;)

“30, 20, 10…”- Landing at WMKK 14L

Meeting with Kai in his stunning a333 at WMKK (@Kai_Jessat)

Kai takes off as I lineup and wait

An Amazing Parallel takeoff with a Thai Airways a350! From 14L at WMKK

On final at 20R WSSS

*Parking at Changi next to these 3 beautiful birds! (@Kai_Jessat is the Air Asia X in the back)

It’s my first post in over a year in a half, probably even more.
Reply with which picture is your favourite!


Nice pictures mate! I especially like 4, 6, and 7. Cool angles and it’s always interesting to see multiple planes flying together :)


Thanks Tom!

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That moon shot #3 was one of the best I have ever seen :)

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thank you so much. means a lot especially since it’s the first time i post screenshots!

Pic 6 is just awesome 😍

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Thanks bro!

Nice shots! now you can go to the south east to the NORTH East

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Thank you! I have many replays saved and will post more soon. Stay tuned;)

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