From The Midday Desert Sun to The Island Vibes of Hawaii

Phoenix to Lihue

So it’s been like a whole 2 weeks since I’ve posted Hawaii so it’s clearly time to post another Hawaii flight. I’ve been doing a lot of Hawaii flying recently I’ve my Christmas break just because Hawaii is always amazing and I love flying into each and every airport. The only negative is that it’s always 5 and a half hours or more to reach the islands. I flew this route on Saturday for @AmericanVirtual, I was 15 minutes into a flight from Phoenix to Maui but I decided to go golfing so I had to switch out devices so I could go freeze in the 18 degree weather while I get mad at my everfailing golf game, so I decided to fly a 757 from Phoenix to Lihue. American now flies A321 NEOs to Hawaii from Phoenix (and a 777 seasonally to Maui and Honolulu) but they used to fly 757s on these routes and the 757, being the greatest commercial aircraft ever, I had to fly it. I left Phoenix just after noon local time and flew west over LA and then the Pacific where I descended past the islands of Maui, Molokai and Oahu on my way into Lihue, on Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai. Kona is still my favorite approach in Hawaii, but the approach into Lihue is a very close second, I’ve flown it a few times and it is stunning every single time. Flight time was 6 hours and 42 minutes.

Flight Details 🌵- 🏝

Phoenix to Lihue
American 10 • AAVA 10
Boeing 757-200

Sitting at the gate in the midday desert sun

A parallel departure with a Delta 757 off to a snowy Minneapolis

Cruising west over the sands of the Sonoran

Just North of the California city of Palm Springs, 90 miles east of Los Angeles

7,000 feet below a United 777 over the Pacific heading to its Los Angeles base

Blue skies and blue water are all to see over the worlds biggest ocean

Starting to descend over the island of Maui and its South side Volcano

We get an amazing view of the island most associated with Hawaii, Oahu, home to the capital and most populous city in Hawaii, Honolulu

Descending through the clouds of Hawaii’s rainiest, but most lush island, Kauai

Rougher than sand paper on touch down as we battle the 30 mile per hour winds

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!
This was my first time using Lightroom to edit so if you have suggestions on editing I could also use those

Which of these airports is not a Top 10 destination by passengers to Lihue?

  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Kona

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Love the photos

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Thank you! I expected to see you because you always show on my Hawaii posts 😂

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Really nice!

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Absolutely fantastic pictures! My personal favourite is the overview of Oahu with the stunning scenery, but the B757 is showcased fantastically as always as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Well of course it going to take at least 5 hours from US west coast to Hawaii, Its just about the same time from east to west coast of united states. The Aloha State is beautiful. I have been to Hawaii in real life :)

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Man the second one is unreal, love them

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@EI-AVA thank you!

@JulianB I love taking overhead views of islands like that! It’s always cool to imagine everything happening below and the pencil is so amazing now after the rework!

@Aeroplane747 I’ve been to Hawaii too, luckily the winds weren’t as bad and we made it in just under 5 hours from San Francisco

@Vortex thank you! Parallel departures are always really fun to fly


Great to hear as these are really fantastic in every post!