From the magnificent capital of Bulgaria to the Dutch Industrial City

Hello, guys! Today, I am going to share some shots I got from my flight from Sofia to Eindhoven, a route I really enjoy. This is also my first flight for Wizzair Virtual.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Wizzair Airbus A320
Total Flight Time: 2 hours 31 minutes
Route: LBSF - EHEH
Server: Expert

A passenger took this picture before getting onto the plane.

WZZVA125, Wind 270 degrees 7 knots, runway 27, cleared for takeoff

Off we go!

Can you guys spot the plane here? This picture was taken from a park near my house.

Climbing over the Balkan mountain range.

WZZVA125, contact Beograd Center on 123.77, have a nice flight!

Starting our descent over Germany.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look off the right side of our aircraft at this time, you will se the city of Eindhoven.

Ground spoilers… Reverse green… Decel.

After 2 hours and 31 minutes in the air, we’re back on firm ground.

All of the screenshots were edited.

That’s it for today! Please let me know if you liked my screenshots or not. Any feedback on my post is respected and appreciated!