From The Land of the Rising sun to where the Royality lives

You must be wondering what does the title mean, well…fear no more , today I had a flight from the wonderful country of Japan to the smoking city of London.


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 12:25

Lets get into it shall we…

Picture of the beautiful ANA 77W at the gate 

GE90s Doing what they do best ;)

Can you believe that this is a sim...... I can't !!!!

Short Final into runway  27R


parked at the gates

I really hope that you enjoyed this topic, I’m trying to do more of those and keep them fun so feedback is highly appreciated , thank you for reading , have a great day!!!


Amazing pictures!

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Thank you!!!

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Pictures of real life aren’t allowed in the #screenshots-and-videos category 🤨


Shhhh… I dont want them to know ;)

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Awesome pictures! I absolutely love the one of the aircraft on short final. Such a realistic view!

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Thank you, glad you liked them!!

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Amazing shots! I spotted you flying west during my flight to RJTT.

Looks like the real thing, so glad to see what the sim has turned into.

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yes indeed its beautiful!!

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