From the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the Mountains of the Last Frontier

Minneapolis to Anchorage

So this is week 2 (really 3 but we pretend that first one never happened) of my 757 awareness posts to try to get it reworked soon. As I’ve said before it is a beautiful and amazing Aircraft, but tough to fly in Infinite Flight. You can vote for the rework here. For today’s route, I flew Minneapolis to Anchorage, which was a route I’ve thought about for a long time, and @snoman gave me the idea last week. I used the Northwest livery, because I’m too cool take take suggestions (plz don’t take that seriously). I actually used it because for some reason whenever I see the Northwest livery, I think of the Northwest and mountains, I know, surprising. I also used it because I thought the Delta livery would be better suited for a flight in the future I might try, like Mexico City or San Diego to New York. Northwest merged with Delta in 2008 and it became the largest airline in the world, until the US Airways and American merger a few years later. Flight time was 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Flight Details

Minneapolis to Anchorage
Delta (Northwest) 643
Boeing 757-200
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

At 7:30 AM in Minnesota we lift off the runway, bound for the last frontier of Alaska “Gear up” as we use the 757s signature steep climb to ascend through the clouds of Minneapolis Nothing but plains to look at until we get to Canada and see beautiful mountainous views over Alberta and British Columbia 30,000 feet above the high peaks of British Colombia The right wing view from the 757 This beautiful aircraft in front of the full moon Over the Capital Alaskan City of Juneau (I couldn’t find the city tbh) Flying the Highway Visual into runway 25R at Anchorage Overshooting the turn on final approach
On the ground safely, but definitely not soundly in Anchorage!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Before Northwest merger with Delta in 2008, they carried the most amount of Passengers in the world, over what area

  • The Pacific Ocean
  • The North African Corridor
  • The Atlantic Ocean

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My last 757 post :)

And if you have any good 757 routes, let me know them!


That looks like an amazing flight! I’m glad you gave the 757 some love


I did not know we had that livery in IF, great shots!


you can try out Manchester (UK) to Newark or Charlotte, also do you know the source to put text on the photos.

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woah. I never see people flying the 756 these days so i’m glad that you did. How did it handle?

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Awesome shots as always! That approach looks amazing…

That 757 really needs a rework;)

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Wonderful as always and glad to see you enjoyed my route suggestion!

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Love the new NWA livery. I did this route back when ANC was featured a few weeks ago in the NWA DC-10. Would have continued on to RJAA but sadly did not have the time.

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I sure do miss NWA. I love the livery, especially on the 757 and A320. Almost made me cry. 😢

Great shots!

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@NathanD thanks! It’s my favorite airplane irl so I love flying it, even if it’s messed up

@Sashaz55 it’s a very rare livery to see!

@GameBoy_KIRB I’m definitely going to have some transatlantic from Newark! And I use a free app called Snapseed for text

@yazen not many people fly jt! I cruise at 40,000 so it doesn’t pitch down, and I can’t land it, but I love to fly it

@Rian16 it’s a fun approach! Just hard to follow in IF, And yeah, definitely a rework needed…

@snoman thanks! And thanks for the great suggestion

@Altaria55 that might be a good one to try sometime! Anchorage to Tokyo

@Alec haha, I never really knew them since they merged with Delta, but I miss this livery lol


I love flying that route in the 757 I fly it pretty often

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Love this bird. Nice that it’s getting some love!

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Amazing! Make an Instagram acc to post these!

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Wait has NWA always had a 757 livery in this game? Also nice photos!

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@Delta23 it’s a fun one for sure!

@Aviation3 I love to fly it!

@Akms_Aviation I’ve thought about it, I have plenty of pics

@Pertonics I’m surprised that people didn’t know about it 😂


You landed on 25R, I’m not sure @anon38496261 will be happy with that 😬.


757 oh yeah! just like all the photo ;)



Great PIctures really amazing

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Great pictures of the flying pencil! Alaska looks stunning, as does the moon. Thanks for sharing!

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@Philippe_Gilbert uh oh I think I made an enemy

@ouzi I love the 757!

@Captian_Christian ThANkS CHrIsSy TiAN!

@JulianB thanks :). The scenery was amazing, and couldn’t be beat! And moonshots are always fun