From the jungle, to the holiday hotspot

hey, so I flew SKBO-MMUN for my VA (AVVA).
I saw some nice scenery, and I thought to share it with you guys
route: SKBO(Bogota)-MMUN(Cancún)
plane: Avianca a318
flight time: around 2 hours, maybe more, maybe less…
comments: beautiful route with nice scenery when leaving SKBO and entering MMUN

Lets start with some takeoff photos

Followed by a picture that shows you the rainforests in Colombia🤩

Then…, at last…, the MMUN approach

And… 100…50…40…30…20…10… grease
Touchdown in the beautiful MMUN sunset

Thanks for viewing, if you have any comments please let me know :)

see ya around😊👍


Nice love the landing pic keep greasing

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Thanks, I hope I will😊

Amazing landing bro!

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Incredible angles!!! In love with all

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Thanks man, glad you like it

@RafaelPadilla, glad you’re in love with them😂

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I like how the sun is in the last pic 🤩🤩 that’s gotta be my favorite photo!! Awesome pics

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I think you mean Butter

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Great pictures! @Altaria55 cough cough Avianca cough cough


cough cough don’t forget to file it cough cough

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Yeah, I really love sunset shots too
@Darpan, lol #teamgrease

Thanks @GlobalFlyer1, I’m happy you like them
@Altaria55 cough cough we’ll see