From the Hot city of Mumbai to the Alps, that made Zürich beautiful.

Flight Time: 11:21
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Departed from Mumbai was beautiful with the fog and the awesome rotation I had. To make the flight long so I could sleep I then headed north to the Himalayas and over Mt Everest at 32K.
After that I started west to Zurich and the Alps that come with flying to the beautiful airport. But before that I flew over country’s like Kazakhstan and many in west Europe. Then I started my decent into Zurich I then brought my Swiss a330 into runway 28 for a awesome landing and exited the runway right before a a321 departs runway 34.
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Great shots!


Thanks a lot

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This was a fun route

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But Not as long as I usually do for a long haul

These are great, the mountain shots are just awesome.

Ya I had 40 photos to chose from so it was hard to get the right ones

40 photos?

My word lol you must have had a good flight

awesome photos!

Only 11 and a half hours but so much scenery and I didn’t fly over any oceans so I had 11.5 hours of pure land and some rivers and lakes

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Thanks for the compliment

That’s a really scenic route to take. Nice photos :)

Yep I made it weird so I could sleep like 11 hours instead of 8.5