From the Heart of Germany to the Queen City

So this will my last Lufthansa post for a while. But for this flight as many people who know. Charlotte should know the A340 will be taking the A350 until sometime November. So I decided to with the A350 off. Charlotte is my home town so I fly this route at least 2 times a week

Route Details

Server: Expert
Callsign: NSV014 Heavy
Aircraft: A350-900

Rotating from runway 8L at Munich

Gear up and we are on our way to Charlotte

Starting to cross the pond

Windy arrival at Charlotte winds where at 27 upon landing

On the ground safe and sound

Thanks for looking at my photos I hope you liked them. Feel free to give me feed back.


Great pictures how long does that flight take?

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Thanks, it takes about 9 hours depend on the winds. And 7 hours going the other way.

Ok, thanks I thinking of doing a flight like that

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A346 is so much better to spot even though the A359 is beautiful as well. Can’t wait for the A346 days.

I can attest to that. My entire porch is covered with leaves from the strong winds

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I love the A350 it’s my favorite plane. But I’ve never seen the A34 6 so it will be a new and hopefully a cool experience.

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Nice photos! I suggest trying the A340 at least once. It’s such an iconic jet!

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Yep from now on I’ll be flying the A340 until it changes back. Can’t wait until I can see it for real.

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