From the heart of Europe🇧🇪

Brussels Airport(EBBR/BRU)🇧🇪 - Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport(FIMR/RRG)🇲🇺

Flight time: 11:13

Server: Expert

one of the most beautiful planes in if (subjectively)

taxi at Brussels airport at night

bye Brussels!

We climbed the FL390 (on the first try!)

Flying over beautiful Zurich🇨🇭

Meet the dawn over Ethiopia🇪🇹

Meeting over the sea

The beautiful coast of Mauritius🇲🇺

b u t t e r 99.9%

After arrival, you can look at the most beautiful part of plane

Thank you for watching🐬


People on IFC have some true talent wow mate.

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Thanks mate🙌

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Cool shots, I like those!

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Destination airport is Mauritius, FIMP ;) nice screenshots! 🤘

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