From the heart of Asia to the heart of Europe


Oh, so if Brussels was to be open on Saturday
then why not fly in from the FNF in Bangkok 🤔

Flight: TG934
Server: Expert
Route: BKK-BRU
Dep: 24th April 2020 @ 1740Z

View of the A350 that would be taking us to today to Europe

Positive rate…gear up

View of the Himalayas over Northern India

Sunrise over Northern Turkey

Descending towards Brussels

On short Finals to 25L

Reversers green, spoilers check!


Amazing pictures! Love the last one ;)


Thank you so much chief.

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It looks great!

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Fantastic pictures of the A350! And a great wing shot too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks guys @JulianB and @Aviationvlog

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