From The Great Salt Lake to the Mountains of Seattle

Delta 643 Heavy, a Delta 767-300 from Salt Lake City to Seattle, SLC-SEA, flight time was 1 hour 26 minutes in Expert Server

Climbing out of Salt Lake City as the Salt flats loom below us The Mountains of the well named Mountain Home, Idaho The City of Boise Rivers and More Mountains as we start our descent into Seattle Turning to catch the glide slope
Short Final on runway 34R Touching down with the Mountains of Washington all around

What are your thoughts on the photos, please let me know!


Wow, those are aMAzIng!

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Nice pictures Noah!

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Thank you :)

Thanks a lot!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Looks like a calm uneventful flight as it should be!

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It was! I flew it while watching College Football on Thursday night and studying for Spanish and Science quizzes

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I remember such flights. Always a satisfying thing to touch down and be finished with work!

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