From The Great Salt Lake to the Forests of Oregon

Hey guys! I’m back with another screenshot thread! This time I’ll be sharing some images I took during last week’s Flash Flight, which was a flight from Salt Lake City to Portland, OR. Both airports (especially KSLC) were very busy, and I managed to get some cool shots!

Route information:
Route: KSLC—->KPDX
Flight Time: 2 hours and 24 minutes
Callsign: Delta 1744
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Server: Expert

Now for the pictures!

In line for runway 34L. Anyone who was at the event knows how crazy the line for 34R was, but luckily I was instructed by ATC to go to 34L which, at the time, was only starting to grow a line

Lining up for takeoff while a herd of other Delta planes wait their turns

A company A321 heads for the runway as I rotate my 737 out of Salt Lake City

Approaching Portland flying by the beautiful Mount Hood

Landing at KPDX while a Delta A350 gets ready for takeoff. A 737-900 in the More to Love livery from Alaska takes off on runway 28R at the same time I’m landing on 28L!

Thanks for checking these out, and let me know if you have a favorite!


These are really good but I don’t like them…



Love the last two… all the busy traffic looks great!

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Nice pictures! A 739 with ETOPS?

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Yup. Not sure about Delta’s -700s and -800s, but I do know their -900ERs gave ETOPS.


love this photo!
great photos!


Awesome pics! Might just wanna fix this up:

Oh, ugh! Don’t know how I made that error!

Maybe I shouldn’t make topics late at night…thanks for catching that!

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Great photos! It looks like a fun route to try soon