From the Glamorous Capital of the UAE to the Megahub of Frankfurt

As many of you know, Frankfurt Airport was featured yesterday and my friend @AmarKoric11 and I decided to take full advantage of this. We flew supplies to help with the COVID-19 epidemic with Etihad Cargo from their hub in Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt, helping Germany combat this deadly virus.

Flight Information
Flight: (ETD7) Etihad 7
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200F
Route: Abu Dhabi (OMAA)- Frankfurt am Main (EDDF)
Flight Time: 6:30 hours
Server: Expert Server

Preparing for takeoff as @AmarKoric11 blasts out of Abu Dhabi

Rocketing out of the wealthy capital of the UAE

Cruising above the small country of Kuwait

Preparing for our descent with the Alps in sight

Buttering the landing into crowded Frankfurt

P.S. I am glad to be back on this amazing forum sharing my passion of aviation with you all and I hope you enjoyed these photos!


Anyways good to fly with you man!


Nice pictures! You’ve got some very nice angles and shots there.