From the future

What’s is goin on everybody! today
I was flying my Crj-200 and figure out
that it has been a long since i posted a screenshots
so here ya go everyone’

Airline: Infinite flight
Plane: CRJ-200
Time: 8:21 night
Server: N/A
Device: ipad pro
Photo: free roam

We are outta here

Ok window view

Making our landing

Infinite fight everywhere

Thank you infinite flight, for making my past to the future happy.
I appreciate for all the fun.
I hope you’ll all make more in the future 2020.

Zach Blue
Agents of inkopolis


Great photos! The last one is beautiful!

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Good shots, just very dark.

I would say “good shots” also, except I can’t see a thing.
Try changing the date to get a nice full moon to light up your shots!

i can make it brighter if you want

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there were stars in the flight but in the replay there were NONE
i don’t know why but its like that

With my devices brightness on max, the photos look great, nice job!

But that last one, incredible! First of that type of edit on the IFC I think. It’s amazing!

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Great photos! Increase the brightness a bit tho…then these will look even better!

Great Job! :)