From The Emirates To The Great Southern Land

A one way trip to the land down under came with breathtaking views from the glistening Arabian Gulf to vibrant metropolitan Australia. While climbing to 37,000 feet EK2664 headed east over the Palm Jameira and downtown Dubai, before making its journey into Omani Airspace and over the Indian Ocean. As the sun began to set the Boeing 777-200F was fast approaching Australia. EK2664’s first glimpse of the great southern land was the country’s west coast as it cruised over Australia’s third largest city of Perth and past the Great Australian Bite. The sun began to rise soon after and EK2664 began its descent into Melbourne International Airport, before making a smooth touch down just after 13:10 of flight time.

Server: Expert

Route: OMDB - YMML

Aircraft: B77F

Flight Number: EK2664

Flight time: 13:10

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Great pics! Looks like a fun flight.

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Thanks! It sure was :)

oooh MAMA

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