From the Eiffel Tower to the N Seoul tower | Paris → Seoul flight

Hello all! This is my second screenshots & videos topic I’ve made. I recently flew from Paris (LFPG) to Seoul (RKSI). The flight was very nice, taking the 777 over Germany and Scandinavian airspace, then turning into Siberia, where the aircraft spent most of the flight. We later on initiated our descent in North Korea, finally touching down safely at Incheon airport. Here’s a report in pictures of my flight!

Flight information

Flight time: 10h45min
Altitude(s): FL310; FL330; FL350; FL370
Airframe: B77W (Boeing 777-300ER)
Server: Expert
Speed: M 0.83
Weight: 308,270kg or a 76% load


Terminal 2E at Paris Charles de Gaulle. You might see a few interesting angles like this one throughout the pictures, let me know how you like them! I’m experimenting with different shots.

Liftoff into a gray Parisian sky, the blue of the Korean Air livery standing out in the fog.

Briefly crossing a part of the Arctic Ocean. It’s pretty much always nighttime up here!

Another low visibility shot of eastern Siberia. It’s very hard to get good views of the land when flying over.

When the South Korea meets North Korea! A (finally) good visibility view of North Korea from the cockpit.

A quick reminder of which airport I’m landing in…

…and touchdown! Not one of my best landings, but the only thing that matters is that the 777 is down safely on it’s home turf.

Parked at the gate and unloading the passengers. Hello @CompetitiveDivide320 and Emirates 220 whoever you are!

That’s the end! I hope you liked the pictures, please give me feedback! You can PM me for groupflights :)

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Hey! Thanks for spotting me! Hope you had a great trip - awesome pics!

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Thank you! I’m always happy to run into other community members in online. Where were you flying to/from? I didn’t get the chance to see your flight plan.

Wow nice shots! Looked like incheon was busy!

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It was busy, but quiet compared to how busy it was for the flash flight.

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