From the Edge of Space | Cape Town | HD Scenery!


I love Cape Town; I have been seeing people using Jet fighters to go 100,000ft+ to see Infinite Flight’s glorious HD scenery, so I decided to go do the same! I went to 130,000 ft over northern Cape Town!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

F-22 (Generic)





Let’s look at the beautiful unedited terrain of Cape Town!

Thanks, hope you liked it!


I love screenshot threads like these. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more!

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Thanks! I hope I can find more stunning places like Cape Town!

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I’ve got a question: is there anything to do in a certain way in oder top get out there? Because emu jets start to lose speed at around 54000ft

wh- whaaa?! i need way longer than that!

Do you know how to get up so high? I always lose speed at 50,000ft

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my method

  • go as high as you can
  • stall
  • go down and pick up as much speed as you can
  • go back up
  • repeat until you made it high enough

i also recommend doing it in solo so that you can refuel. just in case.

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I do it in 1 go , so basically go full thrust at 200ft until you reach Mach 2.5, then, immediately go 90 degrees up, you should get to 100,000ft , then activate full flaps, and with your momentum you will reach 130,000ft +

And you will be able to stabilize yourself up there?

Once your 100,000ft + your controls don’t work, to take photos you go to your replay and select “free camera”. Also note in-game that once you reach 130,000ft you will immediately start falling at a V/S of 1500 ft per second

Thank you for asking me! Have a nice day!

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Please do more of these in other destinations! I know others have probably already said that but these photos are truly awesome!

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Thanks! (10 character limit )

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No problem! :))