From the Deserts of Mexico to the Beaches on the Florabama

San Luis Potosí to Dallas to Pensacola

So today I have another 2-Leg post, kind of like my Frontier post a couple weeks ago. For some reason I wanted to do a flight from Mexico and end up in Pensacola, on Florida’s panhandle. Im not sure why I like Pensacola so much, but I do, it is know as the Florabama because it sits right on the border of Florida and Alabama. I was going to do Guadalajara to Dallas to Pensacola where I could use the A320 or 737, but I post the A320 and 737 a lot, so I flew out of San Luis Potosí, and then went through Dallas to Pensacola because both of those flights are flown by the CRJ-900. I looking at other routes from Mexico, but only a few are flown using the CRJ-900, most are flown by the CRJ-700, so I asked @Altaria55 😉 what routes were flown to Mexico by the CRJ9 from DFW. I flew both of these for @AmericanVirtual and it was cool to see AAVA had many pilots flying around the Dallas and Houston area when it was featured yesterday. Flight time from San Luis Potosí to Dallas was 1 hour 49 minutes, and it was 1 hour 26 minutes from Dallas to Pensacola.

Flight Details

San Luis Potosí to Dallas to Pensacola
AAVA 643
1:49 • 1:26
@Philippe_Gilbert @JulianB

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Please say in Russian accent We paid for the whole runway, so we use the whole 9,000 foot runway at 6,500 feet above Sea Level The deserts and mountains of Northern Mexico as we fly toward the Mexico-United States border Descending through the flat lands around Dallas Cleared ti land on runway 36L in a Cloudy Dallas Buttering the landing as an American A320 pushes back from its gate After a little while on the ground we say goodbye Dallas and Adios to a Lufthansa A350 after its flight from Munich Over the marshlands of Southern Louisiana Turning over Pensacola beach to align with the runway Putting the gear down in the Blue Floridian Sky Touching down in Pensacola, Florida!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

The city name of Pensacola, is derived from the word “Panzacola”, which means what in English?

  • Fighting Group
  • Hairy People
  • Green Men

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Yes it actually means one of those

The answer to the last question was the Pacific Ocean, which 72% got right!


Not the right mindset ;)

Fantastic picture (as is the first one)! Great pictures all together. Thanks for sharing!


It is the right mindset if you use a thick Russian accent! And thanks, that was my favorite photo too, I don’t really know why, I just like it

We paid for it so we will use it 😂 Great shots!

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Where’s my credit for telling you what CRJ9 routes AA had to Mexico from DFW aha

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You buttered, a crj?


These pictures are amazing! I love flying from Texas to Florida and seeing the gorgeous Southland.

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Great screenshots, very sharp.

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@Sashaz55 I totally didn’t steal that line from I meme I saw. And thanks! :)

@Altaria55 Done. 😂

@Khainto both landings were -130 which I will take in a CRJ!

@reer104 thanks! I love the scenery around there too, I love the marshes of Louisiana

@SirMS thanks! 😊


Noice Memes

and perfect.

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Ayy @NoahM you went and visited @Tajay at his retirement home in Pensacola nice

Great shots as always!

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Woahh!! Great shots Nooah!🤩

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@Zach_inkling okaaaaay thanks I guess? 😂

@Luke_Sta he was too busy controlling DFW approach but I visited his retirement home it make sure everything was in order :)

@RafaelPadilla thank youuuuuuuuuuhhuyyy!


I am doing this later! Look’s fun!

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Amazing… pic number four was such a great angle, well done as usual Noah!

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I love the angles of your pictures. Good job.

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@Luke_King-kong You should! It’s such a fun route
@Rian16 thanks Rian! I tried some new angles with the CRJ and I like how it came out

@Beniamino thank you! I tried some new ones :)


Lovely Shots!

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Wow, those are some great shots! Amazing job!

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@Anshul28 thanks a lot! 😊

@Devin_Stock thanks! :)

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