From the Desert of Dubai to a Beautiful Morning in the Philippines

Dubai - Manila

Yesterday I flew a regularly scheduled flight (Emirates 334) between Dubai, UAE, and Manila, Philippines as part of Emirates Virtual. This journey took us over 4 countries (NOT including the dep. city and Oman, India, China, Hong Kong. We left Dubai shortly almost at Midnight around 11:55pm wheels up time, and arrived in the beautiful Morning of Manila at 11:01am. The flight was a 7hr and 13min journey into Manila and needless to say the scenery was spectacular.

Flight Info

Dubai (DXB) - Manila (MNL)
Departing Gate: B12
Arriving Gate: Terminal 3 Gate 12
Emirates / EKVA 232 @EmiratesVA
Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
7hrs 13mins

Emirates 334 loading up before leaving Gate B12 enroute to Manila

Emirates 334 rotates off 30R enroute to Manila. Wheels up time 11:56pm

Cruising at the early sunrise above the Arabian Sea @ 37,000ft

As we cross over into China, we are greeted with the Jiulong Mountains above Kunming, China

As we head South East of China, We cruise above Hong Kong Island over HKG

While the pilots prepare for descent, the Philippine Island comes into view…

Descending through 7,000ft over Angeles City with the city landscape in the background

We turn for Final Approach for RWY 06 at Manila

Wheels down at 11:01am, and in the background Philippines Airlines flight 126 pushing back getting ready to depart to New York
As we proceed to the Gate, PAL126 gets ready for its takeoff roll…

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my journey as much as I did. Please let me know what you think of them. :D


Nice pics and scenery

This should be pm!😉


Beautiful photos!


Nice pictures! The lighting on the night photos really make them better


Nice pictures, the 7th picture is very cool!


Yes sorry about that XD

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Thank you! Learned from the best ;)


That one is a special one


Thanks I appreciate it

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Very fantastic photos that you have taken! The editing and the correct angles to get these images most certainly took dedication to do so, which is appreciated by me and anyone else who loves effort.

The 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th picture are my favorite because I am somewhat biased towards beautiful passenger views and good scenery that includes the plane in the background. Keep up the great work with the photos that you post!

Also, I don’t really know where you got the 3,331,420 number from, Dubai nor the Philippines have that population, it’s actually higher for both countries.

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Those are just awesome! Great editing on those photos.

Amazing picture !!!

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Thank you I tried my best ti make these pictures amazing :). Thats strange I swear everywhere I looked those where the numbers :/

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Thank you. There will be more soon :)

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Nice!I love the editing and the good scenery with the plane in the pic! Keep it up.