From the Delaware to the Potomac! | Philadelphia - Washington | American Tricolor 737-800


Today since DCA is open and PHL are open I decided to try the River Visual across the Potomac! It was a very short hop in the historic American tricolor livery! Learns more about DCA here: How to DCA

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

737-800 ( American Tricolor )





Let’s see some pictures!

At gate B16 in a busy Philadelphia!

Just after takeoff the Delaware River is visible to the left! It would be cool if they added a river visual into Philly.

A huge moonshot over Northern Maryland as approach checklist begins in the cockpit!

“I have a visual on the runway!” As the river visual into DCA starts!

It’s as scary as it looks!

A quick turn onto short final runway 19!

Nasty crosswinds call for some over corrections on short final!

The beautiful tricolor bulleting down to runway 19!

Taxing to gate with a humid DC behind me!

A final tail shot of the iconic “AA” tail, while the plane unloads in DCA!

I hope you enjoyed my trip!

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  • American Tricolor
  • American TWA
  • American Astrojet
  • American New (post 2013)

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These are great pics and definitely some nice editing, gave me some good nostalgic old AA vibes.

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