From the cold Europe to the hot Carribean

hello everyone,
Today I did the A350 flight I said I would do as my first A350 flight. With Paris Orly (LFPO) to Point a-Pitre (TFFR). It’s a route with a lot of blue ocean, but the livery makes it up.
Here are my shots with the A350 Air Caraïbes
flight details:
route: LFPO-TFFR
aircraft/livery: Air Caraïbes a350
server: training
flight time: around 8 hours

I think this livery is one of the most photographed livery (cuz I see a lot of these pics :P )

First/second one: rotating out of Paris, going to the Carribean

Third/fourth one: skipping the ocean part, here we have the “on final” and “touchdown” pictures

And yesterday I created another moonshot with an Air Caraïbes:

This was just a solo flight to check out the livery

Thank you for viewing and see you soon


You triggered my inner French, colonies are not a thing since 1950s.

It’s an overseas territory.

If you want another nice title, change it to “De la capitale aux DOM-TOM”

Well, I’m sorry my French friend, I’ll change it immediately

No need to apologise lol, just sharing knowledge 👍

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Ok, thank you for your knowledge.
I changed the title, hope it’s better now

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