From the coastal airport of Malaga to the busy airport of Lisbon!

Hello Everyone I did a Ryanair Flight From Malaga to Lisbon! Hope you enjoy :)

Flight Details

Flight Time: 1:04
Aircraft: Ryanair 737-800

Parked at the gate, ready for pushback!

Waiting for takeoff!

Taking Off!

Climbing Out!

At Cruise!

Flying Over the airport and entering the arrivals queue for ILS Approach for runway 21!

On final!

Ryanair landing as always of course 😂 It’s our slogan!

Parked with @Cap_J ! I didn’t even know this was him!

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Were these pictures good? Let me know in da comments :)

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Yeah, amazing photos😄
#5 was the best for me🙂

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Dude that air Portugal was there when i parked there! I parked at the same gate!

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Thanks :) By the way the landing was Ryanair as normal 😂

That was you! No way that is cool! Well you are included :)