From the Cloudy Skies of Hong Kong to the City of Lights

Hong Kong to Paris

So yesterday as I’m sure you know, we had IFATC around the world as the day went on. I planned a longish overnighter that would time my arrival with the beginning of the European rush. I really don’t have much to explain so I guess you guys don’t have to listen to my random paragraphs I write. I left Hong Kong, flew the beautiful departure just outside of the City, flew over a lot of China, then over Russia and into Europe where we descended into Paris and had awesome IFATC by @Joseph_Spinner! I used the Air France 777-300ER which is used in real life, I love the 777, especially the -300, but I rarely fly it because I’ve been saving my “excitement” for the rework. Flight time was 11 hours and 49 minutes.

Flight Details

Hong Kong to Paris
Air France 185 Heavy
Boeing 777-300ER
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

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Rolling down the runway in front of a Cathay A350 waiting for its flight to the City of Angels, Los Angeles Putting the gear up, climbing past the mountains of Hong Kong Following the Runway 7L departure hugging the perimeter of the city Turning back to the Northwest flying over Chek Lap Kok where we left just minutes earlier The lush mountains of Guangdong, China Beautiful Mountain View’s from 34,000 feet The Rivers of Russia Over the Baltic Sea as we enter Europe and prepare to land in Paris Crossing the runway threshold as an Aer Lingus A350 waits Pulling into the gate in Paris!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Hong Kong has more what per person than any other country?

  • Pizza
  • Rolls Royce Cars
  • Private Jets

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The answer to the last question was “Detroit is the only US City where you can drive due south and enter Canada!” Which 76% got correct


Great as always Noah

Fantastic pictures! The Skyteam livery suits the B777 very well and you managed to capture its powerful appearance very nicely. The scenery, especially in departure and cruise looks fantastic too. Thanks for sharing ;)


Cool pictures ! Could you fly the A340-600 next time :) ?

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The mountains in the 6th photo really stand out!

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@CPT_HILD thank you! :)

@JulianB thanks as always Julian! I’m a huge fan of the SkyTeam livery too, that little logo toward the tail is so cool for some reason. And I love Hong Kong, definitely one of the most scenic airports and cities in the world.

@DatAviation_340YT thanks! I love those views of mountains

@German_Pilot if you have any suggestions for A340 routes, let me know and I can think about flying them! 😊


I‘m really speechless. These photos are looking so good. I‘m really in love with all of them 🤩

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Thanks so much! I’m happy you like them all :D

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Nice one on replicating the takeoff procedures 👍

Isn’t it 1,000 feet (300m) for classifying a mountain? Anyways, I think the landform that’s 957 meters is named “Tai Mo Shan” with the Shan translating directly to “mountain”?


Indeed, “Shan” in Cantonese/mandarin can be translated as mount, but also hill as well. In fact, the word Shan usually would be added after the name of the area so as to implies it’s a hilly relief.


Thanks, I always try to be realistic if I can, and I don’t even know they exact definition of a mountain either lol, it just looked like a tall landform 😂

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I had no idea that Paris was the city of lights, great shots!


Thanks! I stole it from the first A350 post I made where I use the City Of Lights 😂

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