From the City of Seven Hills to The Space City

This was a flight I did yesterday when IAH was the featured airport! This was a real flight done by a Turkish Airlines 777-300ER. I took the same taxi and route as this aircraft did in its flight. I rarely fly the -300 variant and seeing me wearing the Turkish Airlines livery is very rare. I liked this flight not only cause it ended in IAH, it had gorgeous scenery throughout the entire flight.

Server: Expert
Time: 14:27
Route: LTFM - KIAH
Callsign: Turkish 33
Plane + livery: Turkish Airlines 777-300ER

Departing a dark and foggy Istanbul
Crossing through Frankfurt, Germany at our cruising altitude of 34,000

Saying goodbye to Europe as we enter over the Atlantic
Sunrise with the Canadian coast in the horizon
Short Final runway 27 with a slight crosswind

Touchdown with the International Terminal to my right

Parked at the same gate Turkish 33 parked at


Nice pictures but some are a little dark :)

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