From the "City of Sails" to the "Windy City" | NZAA - KORD

Auckland to Chicago

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying healthy and doing well. The other day, I flew from Auckland to Chicago in Air New Zealand’s Boeing 789. It was a very enjoyable flight with some great scenery along the way. Currently, this is Air New Zealand’s longest route. I highly suggest you flying it!

Flight Information

Callsign: UVAL313 Heavy
Aircraft: NZ789
Route: NZAA - KORD
Flight Time: 15:07
Server: Expert

Now to the photos:

Sitting at the gate in New Zealand, ready to push back.

Taxiing to the runway on a beautiful morning in New Zealand.

Lined up on the runway, ready to depart.


Banking to the left with a view of the beautiful New Zealand scenery.

Cruising towards the sunset.

A wing view of a sleeping Southern California.

After an uneventful descent, turning onto final with a view of Eastern Chicago.

On short final with a Delta A321 holding short of the runway.

Seconds before touchdown at our final destination, Chicago.

Thank you for viewing! Let me know any thoughts and your favorite shots!


Great photos @yoshi_flyer!

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