From the City of Lights to Washington D.C

First I would like to give a special thanks to @Emiel_l for hosting the Paris Flyout. It was great fun but a very long bumpy flight.


Departure: Paris Charles De Gaulle
Destination: Washington Dulles
Aircraft/Livery: United 787-9
Flight Time: 8:02
Server: Expert

Spawned into gate K52

Beautiful takeoff from runway 26L

As we climb out we see the beautiful city of Paris

Over the Atlantic

My good friend @ToasterStroodie in a F16 escorts me over Maine

Boston Massachusetts

NYC in the Distance

Safely on the ground in D.C.


Nice shots!

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Awesome shots! Remember not to tag devs ;)

She’s still spawned in there, you can look!

Nice pics, which runway did you land on?

She’s still there? Wow. It’s been at least two days, no?

Landed on 19C

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Absolutely stunning angle!

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