From the city of Gold to Asia's economic hub!

So yesterday night I was looking for an interesting overnight flight to do and looked to see what Johannesburg had to offer as it was the FNF hub. I had options such as New York, Atlanta, London, and… Hong Kong! Well I decided to go with that since I had never done a flight from Africa to Asia and I would see some interesting sights along the way. I flew with Cathay Pacific B777-300ER and flight time was 12 hours and 28 minutes!

Preparing our flight in Johannesburg with many planes in the background including @Tyler_Shelton and @Jon_H!

Turning towards the east after takeoff!

A few hours into the flight and we are above Mayotte, a French overseas territory!

As the sun starts to set we fly above the beautiful Seychelles. I am hoping to fly to this beautiful place sometime in the future!

It’s now completely dark outside and we’re above the Maldives!

Colombo, Sri Lanka

After a few more hours we’re above the big city of Bangkok, capital of Thaïland!

As we prepare to start our descent into Hong Kong, we pass the city of Haikou!

Landing during early morning in Hong Kong at around 5am.

Parked at the gate while a company A350 prepares for it’s flight to New York!


How many skyscrapers are in Hong Kong?

  • 284
  • 355
  • 200
  • 157
  • 92

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Thanks for reading!


Great photos


Great photos!

what runway did you land on

I landed on 07R…


RW07R is mainly for takeoffs and RW07L for landings

My flight landed on that…

Yeah in rush hours both runways are used

Great work! I’m loving these shots!