From the City of Brotherly Love to a Snowy Landing in the Heart of the Rockies

Yesterday with many airports around the Rocky Mountains featured, I flew one of my favorite routes. Philadelphia to Eagle County. I love this route because I always like flying the 757 which is used on this route and the approach into Eagle County is incredible as it’s in the middle of the Rockies. I actually had a Mini In-Flight emergency which was fun. Whenever I would touch the screen multiple times, my game would freeze so I could barely use the map and I had to hand fly the last 30 miles through the mountains, but I made it. My flight time was exactly 4 hours when I landed in Eagle County.

Flight Details

Philadelphia to Eagle County
American 643
Boeing 757-200
4 Hours

Holding Short of Runway 27R as one of American’s new 787s in Philly is on Short Final Pulling back on the control column as the 757 pitches up Banking west away from the Delaware River The view from the right engine as we climb with the Philadelphia skyline visible Flying right over State College and Penn State University Flying by Omaha on the Nebraska - Iowa border Descending through Denver before we enter the clouds of the Rockies The clouds thicken and blanket the bottom of the Rocky Mountains Appearing through the clouds in a snowy Vail On the ground in the snowy heart of the Rockies

As always please leave comments and let me know your favorite photo!


Great pictures as always, I especially liked the State College one!

Thanks for sharing, can’t spot the inbound traffic on the Denver picture and would appreciate a hint!

The first one looks like a runway incursion though…


Im not a fan of B757 but i loved phtos!

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You must’ve been very skilled in landing the 757 because #reworkthe757.

Lovely pictures! Love the snowy edit.

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But in all seriousness, nice shots!


Thanks! The scenery around State College is always beautiful and

  1. I switched the photo for the Denver photo, so there was no traffic to see, so thanks for letting me know that the description was wrong

  2. It did look a little bit like a runway incursion, but what if I told you that there wasn’t even a 787 in game 😱

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Thanks! I actually find the 757 one of the easier planes to land for some reason

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And I was stuck there searching and searching…

Well… That’s not a clear cut case then for sure!

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Those last 2 photos were “excelentes” (excellent).

What software did you use to edit those pics?

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  1. Sorry for your pain and suffering

  2. Or maybe… I went into solo, flew short final into 27R with the 787 with the same time and weather conditions, then took a screenshot of It on short final from the angle of where the 757 would be, then went into photoshop and put the 787 into the 757 photo and then blended the background together

Thank you! I used the app Snapseed to edit all of the photos and I used to add the snow (both on iOS)

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No worries no pain and no sufferings caused!

That‘s what I would call photoshop skills!

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Really nice pictures you have here! You are brave to fly the 757.

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Thanks! I love the 757 so I have to deal with a nose down pitch angle during cruise :(