From The City of Azaleas to The Windy City (Eva Air 777-300ER / 20.2 Beta)

Hi guys! I’m back with another screenshot topic of the 20.2 Beta, this time from Taipei–Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, all the way to Chicago O’Hare Airport using the Eva Air 777-300ER.

This was my first time using the reworked 777-300ER on the multiplayer servers, after some bug finding and testing on Solo mode. Anyways, let’s get to the photos.

3 Eva Air 777s line up at Terminal 2 of Taipei–Taoyuan International Airport, while also social distancing, making sure to stay 1 gate apart.

Rotation for Eva Air 56.


Did someone say moonshot?


After 12 hours, short final into ORD’s 22L

Welcome to Chicago!

Parked at Terminal 5 at Chicago O’Hare after a 13 hour flight from Taipei.

What was your favorite shot?

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
  • Photo 6
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beautiful I loved #3, How windy was “the windy City”

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Those are some cool pictures! Some of the top ones are the rotation, moon, and engine/wing view shots! I hope you had a nice flight! I have been meaning to do this flight for a while and just might try it out now! Hope you had a nice flight to the best airport in the world, KORD! ;)

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These are some cool photos

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Windy City is called the Windy City, because of all the Chicagoans bragging about our city! Great photos! im a member if the ORD realism police and 22L is never used for landing, it’s ok though realism isn’t key in IF

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Nice shots!

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I was originally planning to land on 28R for a shorter taxi to the gate but there was someone else about to depart from 28R so I had to do a go around and go to 22L.

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Great photos!
This is my favorite ⬇️

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The moonshot is just perfect!

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Amazing shots! That moon picture is impressive, love the use of interesting angles.

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