From The Cascade Mountains to Golden Hour on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Seattle to Denver to Fort Myers

I’m gonna try to make this quick because i have a Spanish Teams Meeting right now but a few days ago, Seattle, Anchorage and Los Angeles were featured airports which gave me the opportunity to try a random flight that I’ve been wanting to for a little while now. Fort Myers (RSW) is my favorite airport in Florida because my grandmom used to have a house there, and it was where I was on my first ever flight when I was about 5, from Atlantic City. I also love the approach into Fort Myers, especially from the West, crossing over the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico and then over Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. It is on the West Coast of Florida and away from the the usually busy Miami area. Fort Myers is a fairly busy airport with many Destinations in the Eastern and Central United States. RSW even has flights from Düsseldorf with Eurowings after Air Berlin went under. It is one of the leading airports with a chance to get service to San Francisco or Los Angeles in the coming years. I’m also a huge fan of Seattle, because who doesn’t like the Pacific Northwest in Infinite Flight, it’s amazing. I wanted to fly Seattle to Fort Myers so I decided to make a stop in Denver, for one reason, to make @Luke_Sta happy. Haha just kidding, sorry Luke, I only stopped in Denver because Frontier flies Seattle to Denver and Denver to Fort Myers, so it fit well. I left Seattle just after 1PM Eastern (10AM in Seattle) and arrived in Fort Myers just after 6:15 Eastern. Flight time from Seattle to Denver was 2 hours 1 minute, and Denver to Fort Myers was 3 hours 6 minutes, for a total of 5 hours and 7 minutes. From Northwest, to Southeast.

Flight Details

Seattle to Denver to Fort Myers
Frontier 643
Airbus A321-200
2:01 • 3:06 •• 5:07
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

Pushing back as a World MD11 lifts off for the Last Frontier (get it hehe)
Climbing out of Seattle underneath a Full moon
Climbing out over the Cascade Range just East of Seattle Descending through the Rocky Mountains into Denver At the gate in Denver ready for our venture to Fort Myers Leaving the Blue Skies of Colorado for the Blue Waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast High above the Bayou City of New Orleans Approaching Fort Myers over Sanibel Island just off the coast of Cape Coral The gear go down in the Golden Hour light Off the Centerline but on the ground in Fort Myers!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

There are more varieties of _____ on the beaches of Fort Myers, than anywhere else in North America

  • Shells
  • Crabs
  • Gold

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The answer to the last question was La Paz which 36% got correct

I’ll see you guys probably tomorrow with Honolulu to Oakland!


Noice shots mate! It makes the sim look more realistic


Wow… amazing pictures as always Noah🙌🔥

Big fan here:)

Love that Frontier livery, that moonshot, the scnery shots… too much to name, they’re all amazing:)


@Kaj thanks so much! I’m happy they look realistic because that was the goal

@Rian16 thanks as always Rian! I love Frontiers liveries too, the animals are cool!


Nice pics! I’ve been to the beaches around the Port Charlotte area, and there were a ton of shells there, so I’m going with shells. 🤔

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feast for my eyes

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Aww man! No turquoise waters of the gulf coast of Florida 😭


That island in the picture is not Sanibel Island, but instead North Captiva Island. I stayed there this past Christmas, and as your can see in the picture, there is a small grass strip located there. It is called Salty Approach and I have a picture below:

Cool pics though, thanks for uploading!


Awesome. Love all 3 of the airports you visited! Amazing photos!

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Love the moonshot!! 😍

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Fantastic pictures! Not the most popular opinion, but the A321 is surely one of the top three most beautiful aircrafts for me. You also managed to capture it exceptionally well and the last picture just looks like an IRL Air2Ground shot.

Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful photos!

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Nice shots! I love the frontier livery, it looks so clean

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Nice photos combined with an Airbus A321 and the Frontier livery!

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@Joseph_Spinner there are a lot of shells 😉

@ILOVE7879-2.0 hopefully your eyes aren’t hungry anymore! (Terrible joke, I know 😞)

@Sashaz55 I almost did, but doing two flights means that I couldn’t :(

@HiFlyer oops, thanks 😂
Mis have been a cool air strip to go by!in a Pretty secluded area
@Joseph007 they’re 3 of my favorite airports too!

Thanks a lot @MJP_27 @al_col

@Aero @Aviation3 thanks so much! I love Frontiers livery too


Thanks Julian! I love the 321 too, it looks a teeny bit
Similar to the 757 so I have a bit of soft spot for it. And I’m happy the last one looks realistic! I always base my air to ground shots off of an Instagram account I follow, DiecastRyan

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Always great shots!! Nice route choice… I love the shot of New Orleans.

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Thanks! I took a longer routing to get views of Mew Orleans

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I love the Louisiana shot 😍. New Orleans is so underrated in this game.

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woah i never realised how beautiful the Frontier a321 is. I should fly it more often

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