From the capital of Tunis to the city of the Marseille Soap

Tuni(late)sair A319-112, TS-IMQ, 🇹🇳 ➡️🇫🇷, DTTA -> LFML.

Training Server.

Flight time is 1h32min.

Scheduled departure: 17h15Z.

Actual departure: 19h05Z.

Preparing the flight at Tunis Carthage.

Takeoff runway 1.

Beautiful moon shot. 🌔

See you soon Tunisia! 🇹🇳

Hello Sardinia! 🇮🇹

Well, hello France! 🇫🇷

A nice fly-over at LFMI, inbound for landing at Marseille airport.

Landing Runway 13L, at Marseille Provence.

Parked (with a nice moonlight on the Airbus).

About the Marseille Soap.


My guy, you landed in the grass ;-;


It’s because I was lazy to land manually.

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i was in marseille.

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