From the Cantabro-Asturian Region To the sunny Seville in times of Crisis

Vueling A320

Trip Report during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic


Hey Guys! So I am back here on the every-day growing IFC to describe and report (does not mean issuing a violation) with all size of details my recently trip coming from the north of Spain to my home city (Seville)


So you might have noted a decrease o my activity numbers here on the forum, cause I spend around a week in a small town surrounded by mountains located in the region of Cantabria.

Talking about flights, I was extremely excited to fly as it was going to be the first time in 7 years I put a foot on an aircraft. I searched for flights departing at our nearest airport which was Santander (@snoman). Anyways, after a high, deep but unsuccessful search, I decided to search at our second preferential airport, Asturias Airport which finally lead to the finding of a Vueling (@Charlieab29 @VuelingVirtual and so on) flight for the 14th of August. We decided to run for the boarding pass as the price was still low but increasing quickly.

§ 1: Friday, August 7th: Boarding pass gets bought!

After that, on Saturday 8th morning (For Europe) we leave searching our week of isolation!

Finally, the day of the awaited flight came, and before leaving road to the airport, I could add my boarding passes to the iOs Wallet.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 13:15z (15:15 local time) but we were supposed to at least arrive an hour before the departing time. For the utmost safety, we arrived at 11:30z (1h and 30 minutes before departure time) although there was nothing to worry as the airport was almost empty mostly because the Sars-Cov-2 disturbance to travel but it was also due to the geographical location of the airport itself and the traffic levels being quite low eclipsed by Bilbao, Santander and La Coruña Airports.

Here is a table for understanding better the estimated timestamps from the boarding to the Landing

Action Zulu Time Local Time Custom Timezone conversion
Check In Counters open 10:45 12:45 2020-08-14T10:45:00Z
Check in Counters closed 12:35 14:35 2020-08-14T12:35:00Z
Boarding begins 12:35 14:35 2020-08-14T12:35:00Z
Boarding closes 12:55 14:55 2020-08-14T12:55:00Z
Release time (not take off) 13:15 15:15 2020-08-14T13:15:00Z
Arrival at the gate 14:40 16:40 2020-08-14T14:40:00Z

When we arrived at the airport, we were unsure about if we needed to check in our hand baggage as per the new Vueling rules on the hand-baggage storage per the COVID-19 Which make you check in all your hand luggage with no extra cost if it cant fit under the seat in front of you. Fortunately, we did not have to check in those, but we were given an upgrade from our original seat row (27) to a more forward one (23).

After that mini-upgrade, we headed towards the Security Control which information about this may remain undisclosed on this public thread

Finally, after the security control, we looked at our gate which turned to be gate 8, and when we arrived there I really noticed how packed was the flight even with the COVID-19 situation. more than 3/4 of the plane was full. Social distancing was met by 1m, was not bad for an airport. Obviously, you are **legally required to wear a mask that effectively covers nose and mouth **
The airline policies required to wear a surgical mask or other with superior protection in a plane

We arrived on time to watch our aircraft land at runway 29 and I got shocked due to the fast turnaround time (10mins)

Img 1: Our aircraft parked at gate 8 from the previous way trip from Seville

Instantly after, boarding started by the priority pass, then rows 31-27 and next was our turn (26-22). I have to say that the time of boarding was quite accurate, we certainly boarded at 14:35 (local time)


Here is a table which shows the aircraft information

Airline Aircraft Registration Number Name of the aircraft Flight number
Vueling A320-214 EC-KLB Vuela y punto VY2513

Img 2: moments before we accommodate on our seat, a fuel truck starts to refuel the A320

After boarding, I realized about the seat nomenclature of the airline. At each different row, there were 6 letters (from A to F) corresponding each one to a different seat position.

Letter Seat
A Left window
B Left middle
C Left aisle
D Right aisle
E Right middle
F Right window

Just shortly after we seat on row 27 seats A and B, a Fuel truck carrying Jet-1 kerosene started to load fuel into the aircraft for the short hop to Seville.

I discovered with a surprise that our seats were quite comfortable, especially for a low-cost airline as Vueling, although it could be a higher category on the low-cost world, it is still the low-cost counterpart of Iberia. A thing that was kind of disappointing, was the fact that after our ‘upgrade’ of rows, the window seat of our new row was not aligned correctly with the windows, actually, we had two half of different windows at our row, left and right sides.

Another point I need to note is that a quick turnaround always sacrifices speed for cleanliness, indeed my seat had some leftovers from a previous customer, also the security briefing card was stored on the contiguous seat.

Img 3: close view to the back of the forward seat, with the security card restored to its original position

Minutes after, the cabin boarding it is completed and the pilot starts the engine while the security briefing starts to sound all over the cabin.

We made out from the Taxi-out gate 8 and taxied until Bravo where we turned right to enter Tango 1and taxi all the way to the CATII/III Alpha 1 holding point for runway 29 waiting for the clearance from the Air Traffic Controller, which came after a minute or so, and then the Airbus A320-214 entered the runway while the captain pulled the throttle to a Flex Position, at that moment I felt that although it wasn’t a TOGA Take-off, the A320`s engines were extremely powerful.

Img 4: After take-off, you can see the Cliffs around the airport with a few boats (not shown on the image)

Below is a table that contains useful flight information

Take-off runway Take-off Time Takeoff power Standard Instrument Departure Cruising Altitude Average ground speed at cruise Standard Terminal Arrival Route Landing flaps Landing Time Landing runway
rwy 29 13:10z Flex (4) XOND1F 33,000ft MSL/FL330 450kts HIJ4E Full 14:12z rwy 27

One great thing about LEAS using runway 29 configuration is the fact that you take off from the beautiful cliffs of Avilés, and that’s what we did on the flight 2513, we also saw some vessels boats (@Yacht) before trespassing the low cloud layer and hardly banking left to enter in the vast land of Spain.

The climb was quite steep but the cabin was well pressurized at all times, causing the common ear pain due to the difference of the pressures to be almost unnoticeable.

At 13:23z we reached our cruise level and the seat belt indicator was deactivated, followed with the crew announcing the quick snack time (only water though). Next up I got shortly distracted by a quite minimalistic game called Traffix (@Edoardo_C) until the captain announced that we will begin our descent into Seville airport (LEZL/SVQ) just 25 minutes after we reached our cruise level.

Img 5: Chillin' at 33'000ft while watching the landscape and playing 'Traffix'

As we started our descend, the air started to become a bit turbulent and the plane started to shake, not welcome by some passenger who asked the cabin crew for some vomit bags
When we approached the VOR of [Hinojosa del Duque ( which was also the starting point of our STAR route (HIJ4E) The seatbelt signs were enabled and the plane started to shake more violently. The flap level changed to 1, then 3 and finally they were fully deployed when intercepting the Visual glideslope for runway 27.

When we were fully on final and as a consequence of we approaching ground, the turbulence was highly reduced but not completely defeated. Anyways, even with moderate turbulence, the captain made us to a quite smooth but safe landing as we stopped quickly to vacate the runway via Echo 2 to then taxi via Golf 5 to the gate two of the arrival terminal.

Img 6: A smooth landing and posterior reverse thrust input and spoilers deployment


Due to the new Covid-19 rules of Vueling, the deboarding of the plane was made by rows, you can’t stand up at your seat or leave the aircraft before the previous row had done so, thing that made the deboarding a little bit slower than usual.

We walked through a finger to the terminal before we entered the non-return security door and we exited the airport!

Click here if you want to see the ratings

Pre-flight enquiries: 8/10
Boarding: 8
Seat comfort: 9
Cabin Crew assistance: 8
Snacks: N/A
Post boarding: N/A

Click here if you want to see the charts from both airports

Seville Airport (Jeppesen)
Asturias Airport (AIP Enaire)

And don’t forget to see my blog post about this trip report clicking here

If you made all the way down to here, thank you for your time reading this, and hope to bring here more trip reports like this!



Very nice detailed trip report Alex! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

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Nice pictures I have taken Vueling 2 days ago I have make VLC - BRU with A320-200 VY8920

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A phenomenal thread and an enjoyable read, cheers Alex 🥂


Thanks you three @Edoardo_C @Baba and @DimitriB, really appreciated as this took me a great while to work


Wonderful report, and a fantastic route! Will be sure to recreate it in IF some day 😊

Hope you enjoyed the flight, I was also flying that day (STN-KSC)!


Thanks Mr.CEO, enjoyed it


I must say that I really miss flying and Spain reading such a report. The scenery around Asturias and the Picos de Europa has it on my bucket-list and the beauty of the country is very well shown on those scenery pictures you have.

It’s also very interesting to read about your experience on a flight in today’s times. Thanks for sharing!

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Detailed trip well done

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Very nice detailed trip report!

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