From the busy city of Seattle to the mountains of Alaska

I spent a while today trying to find an airport with an amazing visual approach and I stumbled upon PAJN! The airport is near a river and with mountains on both sides making it the most scenic approach I have ever done! Anyway now time for the photos!

Flight Details
  • Route: KSEA —> PAJN
  • Flight Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-900 (Alaskan Livery)

Parked at my gate at SeaTac waiting for passenger boarding to be done

Taking off runway 34R

Climbing to cruise with some mountains to the side

Cruising at FL360 with severe turbulence. Several passengers have been injured and some have vomited in the aisle.

Descending rapidly to avoid anymore turbulence

On final for runway 8 after following the beautiful river into Juneau

A bumpy landing on runway 8 due to a 32 knot gust at 10 feet AGL

Parked at my gate in Juneau with several sick passengers and medics and cleaning crews ready to enter the plane

I tried doing a different style of editing, so please tell me what you think of the pictures


those pictures are fantastic, especially the first one, my one thing that I have to say is, the saturation is too much for my eyes, but that’s about it. keep up the good work!

I tried to keep the saturation as low as possible, but thanks for the feedback!

Yeah saturation kinda melted my eyes but looks like a fun route!


Nice shots! The saturation and sharpness could use a little reduction

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The first photo is 🔥!!


I am more concerned about the passengers

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The last photo looked cool even though it’s over the top of editing

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