From the Blue sky’s from London to a clear day in New York

Hello again everyone!👋✈️

Earlier today, JFK was a one of the featured airports, so I flew from London Heathrow to John F. Kennedy, with British Airways! It was a fun flight, lasting 7 hours and 12 minutes.

Flight Information

British Airways

Takeoff at London

Reaching our first Cruise Altitude at a low 30,000 feet

Passing under the moon

The Beautiful sunset

Landing in New York

Parked at the gate with a Emirates A380 heading to Dubai!

Special Thanks to @Prashant_Divedi for the amazing Approach service!

Hope you Guys enjoyed!


Nice shots! Hope you buttered!

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Thank you! I think Landing v/s was about -43 so pretty good!


Pretty buttery!


Awesome photos!

I live the color you brought out with the saturation and I love the photo of the gear going up as you climbed out of London!
The lens blur with the Emirates A380 is awesome

And the Flight Info box is super helpful

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Nice! Good editing, love the moonshot and the sunset. Love the A380 too, lens blur was nice!

Nice shoots

@NoahM- Thank you! Glad you liked the formatting and photos!

@Mr-plane-guy1 Thank you! Glad you like them as well!

@AviatorGamerYT Cheers! 🥂