From the Big Apple to The Capital // KLGA-KIAD // CRJ-700 // ASH6158

Here are some photos on my recent flight from the NYC to the Capital of the U.S.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:53
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Airline: United Express
Callsign: Air Shuttle 6158

Parked at LGA on a cloudy and rainy day

Lining up on Runway 31

Getting out of LaGuardia on time today!

Cruising over the Mid-Atlantic at 20,000 feet

Beginning descent into Washington–Dulles

Turning Base for runway 1R

On final from the flight deck

Welcome to Washington! Thanks for flying with us!


Are you sure you’re at LaGuardia, then?

Nonetheless, those shots are perfect! That’s not to say that your title isn’t either. Pretty catchy if you ask me. 🙂


@Z-Tube thank you! It was one of those rare occasions of departing on schedule😂. The title is also pretty catchy

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Great photos, @KSS! And if you can get out of LaGuardia on time, anything is possible!

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@Butter_Boi thank you and that is correct!

great photos, and im also suprised that you got out on time. First of all its KLGA and its United Express. so for all im concerned your a god lol.

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Great photos! It certainly was a horrible day here in New York weather wise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get some great pictures!


I wouldn’t call it horrible but it was raining all day and pretty windy (I live in NY Also)


@juan_tavares thanks! United Express finally did it because I was apart of their crew for 1 hour!

@Captain-787 Thanks! I did look at the weather radar and it looked like it was very wet there all day. I got to use the windshield wipers for once even though IF has no rain.


Unless you consider the U.S. capital in Virginia, then that isn’t the nation’s capital unless you fly in to Reagan National. Amazing photos though!


Washington-Dulles still serves as an airport for the capital area. It might not be literally in the nations capital


it feels far though with the north virginia traffic lol.

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