From the Beautiful Outback of Australia to the Modern City of Tokyo

Hi guys,

Today is another day where I fly for Qantas Virtual and their amazing VA! I decided to fly to Japan from Australia

Route: YMML - RJAA / Melbourne to Tokyo Narita
Flight Number: QF79
Departure Time: 9:30am
Arrival Time: 5:30pm
Duration: 10hrs 0mins
Server: Casual
Aircraft: A330

Boarding the Passengers on QF79

After Takeoff we experience the nice scenery of the Aussie Outback

More Down Under the Outback from the wing

A nice view of the Great Barrier Reef

Passing through Papua New Guinea

Flying above Guam

Reaching Japanese Shores

Starting Descent in Narita Passing MT Fuji

Landing Into Narita

Good Afternoon Tokyo


I spy 11 pictures, rather than 10 :p

Nice shots regardless.

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Because there are 2 photos of the landing @Altaria55

Sorry for the hint if you didn’t get it.

You have to have a maximum of 10 photos per topic, which has to be 24+ hours apart when posting in this category.

I wish the A330 rework could come, so we can see the light of a Qantas A330!

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What I haven’t posted in #screenshots-and-videos in a few days

The 24 hours bit was just a general ‘put it out there’ so there arent multiple topics containing the other pictures from this flight or something 😅

Great photos! ✈️

We hope you enjoyed your flight!

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It was wonderful thank you! Shows the world how beautiful Australia is!

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We really need the Qantas A330 in IF! Nice pictures!

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Anyone else clicked on a #screenshots-and-videos topic after only looking at the title expecting it to be a post by @NoahM?😂


Haha, I’ll have a pretty similar post later too though! Perth to Singapore 😉