From the beautiful Islands in Indonesia to the Eiffel Tower Dream

Hello all, welcome back to yet another trip report. Recently I flew from Jakarta to Paris on an Air France B772, after enjoying the wonderful beaches and islands in Indonesia, it was time to explore La Francais! I hope you enjoy the photos.

🇮🇩 - 🇫🇷 Flight Details

Airline: Air France
Server : Training
Flight time: 14hrs and 07 mins
Aircraft: B772


We first load the luggage onto the plane. @Butter_Boi’s Metal Briefcase, @Adrian_K’s Gaming PC, @Suhas ’ 4K quality camera, @Josh Qantas 747 model collection + photos and @M1llard’s luggage full of mysterious artefacts.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos, let me know which one was your favourite.

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What flight should I do next?

  • Paris to New York
  • Los Angeles to Sydney
  • Dallas to Narita

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I am speechless. Those are just…wow. 😍


Great pictures!

Ive always wondered, ive seen a lot of people load other IFC member’s luggage on a plane. I love the idea, but ive always wondered do you have to be friends to do this, incase I post another flight on the community.


Amazing photos, the blur, the editing has a perfect balance and isn’t overdone. Great job and hope to see more amazing work from you! 😄👍

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Great shots ! BTW I was landing at VIDP when you were over it 😉

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Amazing shots😁😁

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Anyone can do it

Thanks for your support

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Great photos, and thanks for getting my stuff where it needs to go!

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Amazing scenery! Some really cool pictures you have here. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the support @JulianB

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Thanks for the support

Also no problem for getting your stuff to your destination

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You what?
Great pictures though!

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Thanks mate

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