From The Beautiful Hawaiian Capital to the Forgotten Bay Airport

Honolulu to Oakland

Yes I’m running out of titles, if you couldnt tell. So obviously last Sunday, the featured IFATC theme was IFATC at home. For the event this time, I wasnt able to do 5 flights like I did for the first one, but I got a good 4 hour route. Honolulu to Oakland. Oakland was a featured airport for West Coast Madness and I decided to fly in because it is a major airport capable of handling big cargo aircraft, but is totally forgotten in Infinite Flight. It was controlled from 4-6PM Eastern time by @Aceorbit , so thanks for the ATC :D. I left Honolulu just after 1:30 PM Eastern, which was just a couple hours after sunrise in Honolulu. Honolulu to Oakland, operated by FedEx, is a major cargo route connecting 2 huge cargo hubs. This flight connects not only Honolulu, but also major Oceanic and Australian cities like Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney, to the busy West Coast of the United States, with that stop in Honolulu.
Honolulu is almost a smaller version of Anchorage cargo wise, but connects Southeast Asia and Australia. FedEx obviously flies this route in real life, and they use their MD-11s and 777-200Fs, I used the 77F and flight time was 3 hours and 58 minutes.

I promise this is the last Hawaii post until the 777 gets released, because as soon as it drops, you bet I’m flying and posting Dallas to Kona.

Flight Details

Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California
FedEx 643 Heavy
Boeing 777-200F
@Philippe_Gilbert @JulianB

Taxiing to the runway as a Hawaiian 767 waits at its gate ready for its flight to Pago Pago, in American Samoa Saying Adios, to the Aloha state as we blast into the morning sky on a beeline for the California Coast Climbing over the shield volcanoes of Oahu as we fly away from Hawaii’s capital Crossing the Northeast shores of Oahu Nothing but blue skies and blue waters over the Pacific for more than 3 hours Our first view of the NorCal coast as we say hello to NorCal approach. In view of @BigBert10 least favorite airport Getting vectored through the hectic airspace above the Silicon Valley and San Jose Crossing below the delivery flight for United’s first A350 from Toulouse to San Francisco Definitely not some guy flying the 30 minute flight from Reno with the Callsign “Cactus 1549”
The gear go down on this beautiful beast as we are cleared to land on runway 30 Smooth as glass, touching down in Oakland!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Honolulu to Oakland, at 2,093 Nautical Miles, is virtually the same distance as this major route

  • Miami to Los Angeles
  • Brisbane to Auckland
  • New York to London

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The answer to the last question was Shells which 37% got correct!


I’m also running out of scenic routes so if you have any, let me know them!

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Here’s a title suggestion: From The Beautiful Hawaiian Capital to the Forgotten Bay Airport

Nice pictures and @Mr-plane-guy1 will be happy! :D


How does Brasilia look from the air? If you need another 757 route, could try American’s Brasilia to Miami flight.

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Thanks Bert! New title :)

@Ishrion that’s a good one! Since AA is going to be using their 321s on that route, I might try it. One of the longest 321 routes I think

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Yup, world’s longest A321ceo route, if it operates in October.

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You definitely need to fly into Cuzco. Beautiful airfield at like 10000 feet MSL. You can fly there from Lima. I also recommend flying to La Paz, Bolivia. It’s situated along a flat plain with surrounding mountains to the west. But the airport is at around 13000ft above sea level. Makes the approach super fast and fun to fly.

Nice pics as always! Loved this route

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Amazing pictures as always!

You should try flying to “Stan” countries. Nice scenery around there.


I can confirm. Kyrgyzstan is simply beautiful.


Yes, it’s amazing. Another “Stan” that I like is Tajikistan. I’ve only been there once, but it’s very gorgeous and would definitely go back once I get another sub.


Flown over Tajikistan from New York to Delhi. It had gotten a wow from me :^)


Yay! KOAK… Nice pictures, always great editing.

I would suggest trying a route from Portugal or Spain to Russia or China. Nice scenery across Europe and Russia.

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@Lucas_Piedra thanks for the suggestion! I’ve thought about Cuzco but I don’t know why I’ve never flown in. My dad went there on a trip a few years ago!

@Tsumia @PilotDog I didn’t think there would be much scenery around there, I guess I Stan corrected!

That was bad, I’ll leave now

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks a lot! I like the Spain or Portugal idea, definitely one I might try!


You could try like the siberian area, Himalayas or try out Roland Garros (Reunion, France) to Paris for some long haul experience across africa to europe

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Yvr-any Hawaiian islands

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Hong Kong Bay to Tokyo is excellent with scenery. You can see Hong Kong Bay, the entire China coast (if you take that way flight path) or the island of Taipei. You also see ant Fuji and Japanese islands :)

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Awesome shots as always! A really nice route is VHHH-UBBB, in a Cargolux 747-8F, very nice route :)

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@GameBoy_KIRB that’s a good one! Reunion is great

@ILOVE7879-2.0 I know 😂

@ItsBlitz I flew that route a few months ago in IF, great views!

@Aero thanks for the suggestion, I don’t use the 747 often :D

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