From the bayou to the busiest airport in the world!

Hey everyone, today I did a short little route from KMSY to KATL. It is pretty fun because when you turn towards Atlanta, you fly straight over the water in New Orleans. I’ve done a few of these picture threads over the past few days, and I really like doing them. So let me know if you like my pictures and if you want me to keep doing these!

Plane: Delta B738
Time (approx.): 1 hour

Holding short with a Southwest 737 departing in front of me

Just took off from KMSY

Climbing to cruising altitude

Banking right towards Atlanta

Just about to land!

A view from the side of the plane with a Qatar Airways A380 taxiing

Hope you enjoyed!


Nice shots 📸

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Lovely pictures 📸

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Title reminded me of this

nice pics!

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Thanks! Also that is pretty funny lol

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The southwest plane was floating in picture #1.

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Lol I realized that

Great shots taken.

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I saw the title of this and the first thing that came into my mind was the opening song for Swamp People.

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