From the Andes at Noon to a Sunset on the plains of Texas

A few days ago I flew Lima to Houston, United flies this route with their 767s year round and their 757s seasonally. I used the 757 because it is my favorite plane in the world, even if it is terrible in Infinite Flight. I left Lima around 12 PM which timed my arrival with Sunset in Houston. The Andes were an amazing few for the first few hours of the flight, and then the Mountains of Central American were fun to see as well. My flight time was 6 hours 42 minutes.

Flight Details

Lima to Houston
United 643
Boeing 757-200

Leaving Lima below the blue skies of mid-day The view of the brown, deserts of the Andes from 35,000 feet As we fly over Northern Peru, the mountains become more lush and green Crossing the Coast of Northern Colombia The brown deserts of Xico, Mexico after we overflew the entirety of Central America Starting to descend as the sun begins to set over the Texas City of Corpus Christi The plains of the Houston-Galveston area with the shining sun west of our 757 Approaching Houston as the landing lights shine through the green sky After an unstable approach we were forced to go around as seen by this Delta 757 sitting at the gate bound for Atlanta After circling back toward the runway, we touchdown just before sunset at 5:44 PM in Houston

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I know this may not have been one of my better posts, but hopefully I can get back with Portland to San Diego tomorrow


Always beautiful. Always impressive.


Now thats some Beautiful pictures


Awesome photos!!


The editing is really good


I love your editing, the pictures were good too!


Thank you like always!!! :)

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Thank you @MJP_27 and @Majonespudding!

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Thanks @PilotBrayden and @Mr-plane-guy1 I spent a lot of time editing, so I’m happy it looks good!

Muy bonito! Great shots of the flying pencil!

Especially light/colours and scenery are excellent!

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your next (Airbus ;) ) post!

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Muchas Gracias! El Lápiz está muy bonito!

And tomorrow I will have Airbus as I’ll be posting Portland to San Diego in an A320

And i have Vancouver to Palm Springs in the Rouge A319 ready so you’ll see that in a few days too!

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