From the 4 Runways of San Fransisco to the Sydney Frenzy!

Hello everyone! I have decided to Post my first Long Haul with the new 777 for everyone. Enjoy!

Flight Information:
Route: KSFO - YSSY
Aircraft/Livery: American Oneworld 777-200ER
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 13:12

Parked at San Fransisco as It turns 10:30pm!


Climbing out of SFO!

9 Hours and 45 minutes later:

After looking at absolutely nothing for hours on end we come across New Caledonia!

Starting my descent into Sydney as the sun rises!

Crossing over the airport on Final for runway 16L!

Butter at Sydney!

Parked at the Gate Welcome to Sydney!

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Have a good one everyone!


I am! 😛

Nice photos! The first ones are a little dark though, but other than that, great job!

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Dont Force People to reply, reply come naturally :)

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that was because I was departing at night but next time Im brighten it a bit if it is too dark.

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Also to me It doesn’t look dark.