From The 3rd Biggest African City To The City Of Gold

Hello, guys! Today, I’ll share some of my screenshots from the flights I took a while back across Africa. This was also my first flight session in Africa, yay! Let’s get right to the screenshots!

Flight Details

Aircraft: Ethiopian Airbus A350
Total Flight Time: About 9 Hours
Server: Expert

Performing the exterior walkaround…

Got some company traffic in line!

Gear up!

A really beautiful engine shot.

Several hours later, we are coming in for a landing in Addis Ababa

Such a smooth touchdown!

Waiting for boarding to commence…

…And off we go again!

Coming in for a sunrise landing.

Which screenshots did you like best, guys?

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed my screenshots. All of them were edited, some much more noticeably than the others. Any critique, tips, opinions and comments are awaited, respected and appreciated.

I wish you all smooth landings. Stay safe, my friends!