From Thailand to Mumbai


Today India was featured on the IFATC schedule this was a flight I did also this is my first topic in this topic so please leave your feed back down below

Flight details

Route : VTBS - VABB
Flight time 3:47
Aircraft : B772
Airline : Thai airways
Server : Expert


Passengers are boarding the aircraft

Everyone made it on time and pushback started

BA001 cleared for takeoff

On final approach lots of traffic in Mumbai

Go around due to an aircraft on the runway

And touchdown after a 3 hour flight

Nice engines

Taxi to parking

Passengers are leaving off the aircraft

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Any feedback is good please

Great pics!

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Nice pictures mate! Maybe try to get some
more cinematic shots next time, the free cam is a powerful tool!



Thanks for the feedback this is my first topic in this category so there will be better pics in the future

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Thanks for the feedback I will try it’s my first topic here so like it won’t be as good as the future ones will be


Yes, it’s a great tool!

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Another note, and I hate to point it out, but also cuz I’m a #RealismPolice, please consider changing the callsign to something realistic 😅

EDIT: sorry that is off topic, but this exact reply was also my 1,000th post here on the IFC!! 🥳

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I use this callsign because it’s a shorter name instead of @BritishAirways001 its BA001

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Wow! These are some amazing new angles I’ve never seen before!
Very well done!

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Thank you very much

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Hotel Mumbai

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Hey all you can check these posts on Instagram my name is britishairways001 or BA001 please be respectful and thanks you can see many more pictures like these there if you guys like them you can follow thanks

Thanks all for the feedback