From Tar Heels to Flip Flops - 777 Style

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Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Flight Time: 9 hours, 30 minutes
Departure Airport: Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC
Arrival Airport: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu, HI
Server: Expert

Some Context: At one point, Charlotte to Honolulu was a flight operated by American’s 777-200ERs. Unfortunately, a global pandemic happened, and the flight was dropped due to Hawai’i’s very tight travel restrictions. It hasn’t been restarted. Skylite Productions does have a lovely video from that flight (linked below).

At long last, it was time for my much anticipated Hawai’i vacation! I got to the airport at around 2:00 PM for my 4:00 flight out to Hawai’i on American’s 777-200ER, sitting back in economy.

Pushback was right on time, and, after a short taxi, we lumbered into the sky off of CLT’s 18L. A local spotter caught this amazing shot of us right after rotation.

Bye, Charlotte!

After we reached our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet, a snack service was preformed. Though it was getting closer to dinner time back in Charlotte, we were heading West, away from the sunset. I had a ham sandwich and chips, which were fine. The cookie for desert was extremely hard, to the point where it was nearly inedible. Somewhere over Oklahoma, I discovered the tail camera on my IFE screen, which was amazing.

As we crossed out over the Pacific Ocean just north of San Francisco, the seatbelt sign was flipped on due to some light chop. The flight attendants continued with a drink service however, and I had a Coke.

A few hours later, after a movie and a quick nap, we began our descent into Honolulu! The Sun began to set as we caught our first glimpse of Oahu.

The views just kept getting better and better as we banked around the Northwest side of the island.

After 4 hours, our first over land flying!

Welcome to the land of Aloha, pineapples, and beaches.

Unbeknownst to me, at some point during our Pacific crossing a passenger in first class had started to feel quite ill, to the point where an ambulance and fire engine were waiting for us at the gate to render aid to the traveler. What an unfortunate way to start your vacation.

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Nice shots! Hope AA consider MIA → HNL 😏

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Really nice shots and good story telling!

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Thank you!

That would be an interesting one. There’s probably demand in the SoFlo area, right?

Thank you very much!


Idk I commented something like on Patrick Shea’s United 777 LAX → HNL video and said Floridians have their own beaches. But Hawaiian did serve MCO → HNL so hopefully there’s a chance 🙏

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This route was only planned to exist for one season (and still got extended by 4 months due to high demand). It launched in May 2021, over an entire year after the pandemic started. They didn’t bring it back because we needed the aircraft for our summer schedule, and with the return of air travel since the route terminated on 2022, we haven’t had the jets to bring it back. After we start having more Dreamliners delivered this year, I imagine we’ll see the route return.


Oh interesting. I didn’t realize the post - pandemic timeframe. Hopefully they do bring that route back, it’d be nice to have another East Coast - Hawaii connection, especially given the fact that American is the only one of the big 3 US airlines that doesn’t.

As a native who actually took this flight, You get the Tar Heel seal of approval

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Yes, American airlines should have that route. I also want Hawaiian to start flying from KMCO-PHNL again.

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