From Sydney to the Andes in the LATAM A350-900

I was delighted to see South America in the ATC schedule for this week. I decided my flight for the night would be Sydney to Santiago with LATAM’s A350. It turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience :)

Expert Server
12 hours 15 minutes

Rotating away from Rwy 16R

Settling in for the night over the capital of New Zealand

First light as we continue heading east

Breakfast is served

Starting our descent into Chile

Final approach as seen from one passenger’s IFE screen.

Sorry for it being a bit too small :/


Unloading the baggage at Santiago

Which one did you like most ? :)

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I did not know you could add videos, nice.

Lovely pictures :)

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Thanks I appreciate it. Its a GIF Btw :)

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Ah, okay :)

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Bigger picture.
Awsome pics mate, I love the 3rd!
Keep it up. 👍


currently in the same FPL, just in a Qantas 767. Not sure if I can land at SCEL.

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Not enough fuel or what? It could be hard landing due to lack of APPR in the 767 as it is quite foggy there but as long as you follow the glideslope you’ll be fine ;)

I love the 3rd picture, I hope it was a nice departure of Sydney!

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Thanks and Sydney sure is beautiful even when departing at night :)

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Very cool virtual flight report. The picture on Pacific Ocean seems to be suitable as a wallpaper

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Thank you :).
Pic without the subtitle as a wallpaper :


ayyy great pic,thank you for the picture 🔥🙏👍

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why does it look like an A350 flying through Mars?

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That’s what fog, sunrise and a bit of filter does ;)