From Sweden

Hey guys!
I wonder, how many of you are from Sweden? It would be fun to find more people from the same country.

Dessutom blir det lättare att hjälpa varandra när man talar samma språk :)

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Users who want to disclose where they come from can do so in their profile, we don’t need a topic for that. Don’t forget that you don’t need a profile to visit IFC, everyone on the internet has access to it. Creating a thread where one can just scroll through checking out where everyone lives of many different users could be problematic. That would be why it could be closed soon @Sweden


Because most of the other threads like this have been closed

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Anyway, welcome to the community Sweden! :-)

Guys seriously. This person just joined the community a day ago.

Welcome to the community @Sweden. I’m sure many members are from Sweden as this place is very diverse.


@axeand, @Isgrena, @SwedishFlyer and Schyllberg are among some users I know that are from Sweden and speaks Swedish, plus jag också ;)

Though Im not active on IFC much at all these days so don’t expect a reply from me in weeks if you happen to PM me :)

Anyhow, Välkommen till IFC, hope you have a great time here, meet lots of amazing people and contribute with your ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

Ha en fortsatt fin dag!


Yes I’m sorry to be so up front, I was just trying to explain for you.

Welcome to the community @Sweden though!

Im gonna also sorry for been upfront.

@Sweden welcome to the IFC

Välkommen till oändlig flight community @Sweden Jag hoppas att du gillar den svenska gästfriheten här