From Sunset to Sunrise! | Los Angeles - Kai Tak | Cathay Pacific 747-400


Today the infamous Kai Tak is open, so I decided to do the most historic route with the most historic aircraft: LA - HK in a Cathay Pacific 747!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

747-400 (Cathay Pacific)





Let’s see some pictures!

Loading up at LAX, when the sun starts to rise!

V1… Rotate! rip centerline 😅

A very cool parallel departure with a China Airlines 747 also headed for Kai Tak!

After a long cruise through Track “K” over the Pacific, this moonshot over Taiwan makes up for it!

Fast forward to this sharp turn over Macau to line up with the Stonecutters’ VOR!

Runway visual over Kowloon just as the sun rises!

The amazing 47 degree bank onto final, Runway 13 in Kai Tak!

Making the final corrections before touchdown, while viewing the brilliant 747 party in Kai Tak!

The double-decker Beaty viewing its sleeker faster predecessor landing In Kai Tak!

A sight to behold, a Northwestern 747 in Kai Tak, while I’m unloading!

I hope you enjoyed my flight to Kai Tak!

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As an avgeek, nobody wants Kai Tak to close. However this would hinder the development of Hong Kong :(

  1. Hong Kong is just slightly larger than Singapore but having a population of almost 8 million ppl, flat lands are rare resources here.

  2. Furthermore, the noise produced from the a/c would affect the residents not only near the airport but most of the citizens living in Kowloon Peninsula. The officials can’t help but to stop all air traffic in and out of HK between midnight and morning which would reduce the competitiveness of HK as the cargo terminal in eastern Asia.

  3. Lastly, there are no space left for the airport to expand since the land besides the airport has been fully developed to either industrial or residential use. It would be quite chaotic for an international metropolis to have a “small” airport.


I totally agree.

When Kai Tak was still operational there was a curfew between 11:30PM and 6:30AM meant that for a population of roughly 7 Million people only had 1 airport with a single runway; and with low visibility the airport can’t operate


Wow these photos are awesome! I love the last one and the moon shot!!! Well Done!

I also agree with