From Sunny Miami to New York!

Hello! I have decided to share this to you! Hope you enjoy!

Route: KMIA - Miami 🇺🇸 - KJFK - New York 🇺🇸

Flight Time: 2 hours and 13 minutes

Server: Expert

Parked at MIA just after noon,


Lovely scenery as we climb out of Miami,

Cruising at 36000 feet over the Beautiful Bahamas!

Nothing to look at so we’ll skip to descent,

On final,

Butterisation in New York!

Parked at the gate! Welcome to New York City!

Hope you enjoyed! Please rate it out of Ten!

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The scenery looks a bit blurry…
Great shots though, also I can see that the landing was really buttery, and on the touchdown zone as well!

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I know, It looks weird. I don’t know why. The other ones are fine tho. Also this is Infinite Flight Scenery :)

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nice one buddy 🤣

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Nice one! ive also done that flight also today

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